Wednesday, August 21, 2013

VIsions of Speed - The Rush of 750 hp

750 hp visions of speed - NASCAR, sonoma

The power of the 750 hp cars hurtling past
3 feet away is an incredible rush, breath taking!

Press has slots in the fence in corners around the track at Sonoma and some of those slots are pretty close to the action.  The above image IS NOT from a zoomed in lens shot. 

Visions of Speed - NASCAR

Road course auto racing, NASCAR, Sonoma - vision of speed

At Sonoma, CA NASCAR road course race in 2013, taking that corner in just the right way, makes things work good in the corner.

Rolling Hills North of San Jose

Calaveras Res., north of San Jose, CA - by B. E. Simmons

Rolling Hills Under Blue Skies

I thought you might like this peek at a piece of territory, amazingly, just north of San Jose, CA.  I headed through Milpitas on the 237 and kept on going.  At the other side of town, the road starts to twist up and into the hills.

I turned left at Calaveras Road, and a few miles in, I was presented with this beautiful scenic, where Calaveras Reservoir started.

It was the perfect day for this picture.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Stark Contrast of Man and Nature

Somehow, I seem to be drawn to this stark contrast of man, machine and the sky blue power of nature itself.  Go figure.

Back on the Road - Bicycling Through Stanford

I oddly wait until the summer is winding down to get back the road again on my bicycle.... go figure.