Sunday, March 29, 2009

Making Your Point And Shoot Dance

When you have a simple point and shoot, you don't always have the best ability to set your lighting to the best it could be when taking a picture.

I'm somewhat fixated on not doing post processing of my images so I needed to learn a few tricks for my older P&S. (Point & Shoot) If you need to make your camera think it's brighter than it is, or darker than it is, I've found that if you have something at the same distance that is of a different light exposure, aiming at that, letting the camera set itself, then pointing it at your true subject can give you what you might be hoping for!

These 3 images that I've strung together here show that very practice:

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A View From Mt. Shasta

It's 1998. Road Trip to Mt Shasta!
This is the view from Waverly Peak, looking West.
Ah, the expanse of space,
for the lucky eagle whose wings,
let him take advantage
of all that blue.
(OK, hazy bluish space.)
[this image was modified from the original scan to bring forth the trees in the foreground.
otherwise, they'd be a dark blurb. I did lose what little blue I had.]